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CCTV & Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Monitoring in Dublin, Ireland

Monitoring of commercial alarm systems are generally a must as recommended by insurance companies as part of their terms and conditions. 90% of all are commercial installations would prefer to opt for monitored burglar alarm systems.Monitoring an alarm system has a once off payment per year. The fee is payable to the central monitoring centre at the due date each year. There is a need to call out to check the system before this due date.


Domestic Monitoring in Dublin, Ireland

Monitoring of domestic home alarm systems is becoming more popular due to the peace of mind it offers. The alarm system would need to be connected through a standard phone line fitted in the home. This can also be available through a GSM dialler which may not be as cost effective. A alarm system that is monitored will ensure you that if there is a break in or attempted break in at your premises a signal will be sent through to a monitoring station centre, the internal siren and external bell will also ring out. Should the need for attention arise the monitoring station will notify the local Garda station.There is the option of a text dallier which will send a sms text message through a standard phone line upon activation of the alarm system or should you have no phone line fitted the use of a GSM sms text message to you mobile phone. 


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